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Our Product

Industrial Finishing Solutions

Main Product

Plating System & Finishing

Zinc Alloys System & Coatings

Merging Technology for Precision, Reliability and Performance

Hard Chrome, Electroless Nickel, Nickel Sulfamate

Ferrous Substrates, Non-ferrous substrate, Aluminum

Cleaners, Paint pre-treatments, Phosphate coating

Re-use the material

Other Product

High purified sulfuruic acid, Nitric acid, Copper sulfate, Copper ball anode,Nickel sulfate, Nickel chloride, Nickel anode, Chromic acid, Pb anode for chromium plating

Automatic or semi-automatic electroplating line set-up, Quartz, Titanium and Stainless steel heaters, Chemical filter pump, Titanium basket for anode or customized titanium tools, such as bolts & nuts, jig, tanks, pipes, wire, DC power supply (Rectifier), Centrifugal drying machine, Hull cell kit, Brass hull cell panel (polished)