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Industrial Finishing Solutions



A full range of hard chromium processes that can be utilized in a wide variety of applications.

Electroless Nickel

The process is sometimes simply called EN. they are produced without any externally applied electric current, onto catalytic metallic or catalyzed non-metallic substrate.Applied to a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic substrates with both simple and complex geometries. typical substrates include the Electroless Nickel plating of aluminum and steel. they are used to improev characteristic that are required for appearance, sophisticated engineering applications, magnetic plating and various harsh enviroments.

Nickel Sulfamate

Nickel Sulphamate based plating solutions are employed wherever high speed, low stress, heavy nickel plating is required. The solutions are used for reclamation as well as for the production of moulds for plastics and rubber, filters, meshes and screens for the chemical, food, electronic and aircraft industry. In the printing industry nickel plating is employed for the facing of stereotypes and copper half tone plates in order to provide a hard wear-resistant surface and thus permit a very considerable increase in the number of impressions which can be obtained. Electro-types – duplicates of printing plates – are now generally electroformed in nickel rather than copper.