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About Us

Industrial Finishing Solutions

As a local distributor company we provide specialty chemical services and solutions. We deliver high performance chemical products for industrial finishing. Our talented workforce are among the most qualified in the industries.

Side by side with our principal, our mission is to deliver the most qualified products to meet our customer’s qualification. Our technical support team works closely with our customer to provide technical supports in order to make sure our chemicals work at their best performance.

Our vision is to become the leading supplier in the market we serve, so that people in the industries will think first of LEVRON Sinergi.

We work passionately to create an excellent reputation among our customers, our suppliers and our communities. Our focus is to maintain our customer’s satisfaction at the highest level.

We provide specialty chemical products used for both metal and non-metal surface coating process to improve their functional uses and/or their decorative uses.

We advocate our clients in order to determine the most suitable products to meet their demands and their expectation. We provide solutions to all surface finishing processes.

Our customer support team will work together with our clients to make sure we deliver the most qualified products to meet their qualification.

Our customer base is highly fragmented and includes customers in the following end markets :

  • Automotive parts
  • Industrial parts
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Electronics Equipment
  • Appliances and plumbing goods
  • Plastic Recycle

In the industry we serve, our products are used for finishing, cleaning and providing surface coatings for a broad range of metal and non-metal surfaces.

These coatings may have functional uses, such as improving wear and tear or providing corrosion resistance for appliance parts, or decorative uses, such as providing gloss finishes to components used in automotive interiors.

The surface coating applications, including cleaning, activating, polishing, electro and electroless plating, phosphating, stripping and coating, anti-tarnishing and rust inhibiting for metal and plastic surfaces.

Electroless plating is a method of plating metals on to a variety of base materials using chemical reduction without the application of eletrical power. electroplating, in contrast, involves plating metals with the use of an electrical current. phosphating is the application of phosphates, such as iron and zinc, to prevent corrosion of steel surfaces.