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Surface Preparation

Industrial Finishing Solutions

Surface Preparation

Ferrous Substrates

Our surface preparation product range includes some of the most effective steel soak, spray and electro cleaners available today.

Electroless Nickel

Anodex NP-2, the original MacDermid Brass cleaner, remains one of our top products along with a family of products specially developed to clean Brass and Copper Alloys with affecting the appearance of even the most highly polished surface. Products ranges include Anodex, Metex, Q-Plex, IsoPrep and MultiPrep, all with specific customer and/or application specific properties that will meet the needs of the most discerning customer.

Nickel Sulfamate

Applications for plated aluminum include: Chromium plated aluminum (alloy) wheels, Connectors for aerospace and military finished with either electroless nickel or zinc-nickel alloy, Extrusion for construction, finished with decorative coatings such as satin or dark chromium.