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Industrial Finishing Solutions


Plating on Plastic

“Plating on Plastic” is a term used to described the decorative or functional application of metal onto plastic substrates using the process of electroplating. before plastics can be electroplated they first need to be metalized by etching the surface and coating the roughened surface with traces of a precious metal.

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Copper plating system

Copper is one of the few colored metals. it is relatively soft and ductile and alloys readily with other metals to produce, for example, brasses and bronzes. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. copper can be electrodeposited as a bright or a dull coating and it is used for decorative and industrial purposes.

Nickel Plating System

Electroplated nickel is used in decorative and electroforming applications. subdivided in to 5 categories : Bright nickel, Satin nickel, Semi-bright or sulfur free nickel, Microporous nickel, High Sulfur nickel.

Chrome Plating System

Our chromium system innovations cover a spectrum of metal finishing applications including automobile plastic trim and aluminum wheels, plumbing, home furnishings, appliances, musical instruments, jewellery, audio and video components and many more.

Trivalent Chrome Plating System

Tivalent Chromium plating process that deposits a bright or dark decorative chromium layer over bright or satin nickel deposits.

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UV stable, dark trivalent chromium plating process with an L value of less than 46. Deposits resist more than 80 CASS exposure and is highly tolerant to attack from calcium chloride containing salts.

TriMac ECLIPSE deposit is consistent over normal current density ranges and is tolerant to current interruptions. The solution delivers very uniform metal distribution and reduces or eliminates high current density burning.

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Fashion Finishes

Chromium systems and electrolac UV systems offer greater color choice than ever before. Electrolac UV is a unique coating system that applies coloured UV curable electrophoretic lacquer to temperature sensitive substrates like plated plastics, zinc diecast and aluminum